2 Things You Need When Posting a High Amount of Bail For Someone

After getting a call from a friend or relative that has been arrested, you may have been asked if you would help post bail for that individual so they can get out of jail while awaiting their court date. However, although you may be willing to take a chance, you may discover that the amount of bail is higher than the cash you have on hand. If so, you will need to seek help from a bail bondsman.

4 Ways An Accountant Can Help You

If you're looking to make better money-related decisions, it may be time to get professional help. If what you're doing now isn't working, you need to make changes and try something else. Getting expert insight can allow you to achieve your financial goals and make smarter moves. That's why you may want to look into hiring a certified public accountant. Here are the ways in which an accountant can help you: 

FAQ About Income Taxes

Whether you are employed by a business owner or self-employed, there is an obligation to pay taxes to the IRS. Paying taxes while working as employee is usually easy, as money is usually automatically deducted from each paycheck. However, it is still your responsibility to file a tax return each year, even if you are only due for a refund and don't owe the government any money. For someone who is self-employed, he or she can land in deep trouble by not giving the government a percentage of his or her profits, especially when there is a lot of money involved.

When Shouldn't You Pay off Your Mortgage before Retiring?

Conventional financial wisdom usually encourages soon-to-be retirees to pay off their mortgage and any other debt before putting in their final two weeks notice. Freeing up a mortgage payment each month can reduce the amount of money you need to withdraw from your retirement accounts (or hope to earn in dividends). This can give you some additional flexibility to avoid withdrawing money in a down market or selling your home and downsizing, without taking on another financial obligation.

Is Your Loved One In Jail? Why You're Going To Need A Professional Bail Bond Agent

If your loved one has been arrested for a crime they didn't commit, the last thing you want is for them to languish in jail until their trial is completed. Keeping your loved one locked up until after the trial can cause them to lose their job, interfere with their ability to communicate with their attorney, and jeopardize their standing in the community. Not to mention the fact that jails are just plain unsafe, unsanitary, and uncomfortable.