Posting Bail With A Bond

After being arrested and charged, most states will allow for a cash bail amount to be set. This is designed to act as a guarantee for the individual that is being charged to appear in court.

Is It Required To Use A Bail Bonding Service?

Due to the fact that bail is meant to help ensure that a person will appear in court on their scheduled date, the bail amount will typically be set very high. Most individuals will need to use a bonding service to be able to pay this amount. However, individuals that are able to afford to pay their bail will be free to do so. However, it should be noted that there can be some drawbacks for paying the bail out of your own pocket. Managing the legal expenses for your defense can be one of the most expensive and difficult aspects of this situation. By paying bail out of your own pocket, you will be tying up many of your assets that you may have otherwise been able to put towards your legal expenses.

What Types Of Violations Can Get Your Bail Revoked?

The most common requirement of a bail order will be for the defendant to attend any and all of the court proceedings where their presence is requested. Violating this basic part of the order can result in an immediate revocation of the bail, which could lead to the defendant being confined until the trial concludes. There can be other requirements that are imposed as part of a bail order. Travel restrictions can be another common feature of these orders. Enforcement of this travel restriction can range from the honor system to individuals having to wear ankle monitors so that their position can be checked at all times. Other requirements can be imposed at the discretion of the judge, and while you may find these requirements a nuisance, complying with them will be essential.

Can You Negotiate The Fees For The Bail Bond Lower?

individuals that are wanting to save money may attempt to haggle with the bail bonding service over the fees. While this may occasionally result in lower price, it will usually be ineffective due to the fact that these services are likely to utilize a standardized fee structure. This can help the bail bond lender by allowing these bonds to be issued more quickly, and they can help the bail bond applicant by allowing them to easily understand and anticipate the fees that they will be required to pay the bondsman.

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