Borrowing Money For Your Wedding? 4 Steps To Use It Wisely

Your wedding is important, but it doesn't always happen at the best time for your finances. If you want that wedding you've dreamed of, you can still get it by using a loan. Avoid starting your marriage off with a load of debt by using these smart and strategic loan choices.

1. Use a Personal Loan. Personal loans are a good choice for many life events, including weddings, because they don't use collateral and they have fixed payment amounts. Most borrowers find that a personal loan carries a lower interest rate than many other forms of consumer loans. Further, since you can't charge back up a loan the way you can a credit card, they're perfect for sticking to a budget.

2. Borrow for Specific Items. Avoid unnecessary borrowing by determining in advance what specific items you wish to get a loan for. Spending borrowed money for plastic ware and favors may not provide much of a return for your investment. However, borrowing money to get something truly valuable to you — such as the dress you really want, professional photographs, a great honeymoon, or the venue you've always adored — is a smart use of a loan. By limiting your loan amount to this particular expense, you keep it lower overall.

3. Have a Payment Plan. Before you borrow any money, work out your repayment plan as a family. Even if only one of you takes out the loan, repaying it will affect both spouses. The best repayment plan includes ways to pay off the loan early. You could contribute more than the required minimum amount each month, take advantage of future windfalls, or sell unwanted assets to pay off the debt. With a plan in hand, you can borrow and spend with confidence that it will contribute to your happiness and not be a burden. 

4. Return Unused Money. Personal loans (and credit cards) may provide more money than you actually need. The tendency will be to use additional funds simply because they're already in your possession and it's easy. However, fight this tendency. Don't let unused credit trick you into overspending on unplanned items or adding things to your list. You can (and should) return whatever is over your allotted budget to the lender at your earliest opportunity. 

When you create a strategy to use borrowed money wisely for your wedding, you're sure to add beauty and fun to the big day. But you'll also help ensure a lifetime of joy by controlling debt as well. Contact a lender, like Frontier Community Credit Union, to learn more.