Titanium For Sale: What Is Legal And Not Legal For Purchase

Titanium is one of the strongest metals known to man. It has also proven invaluable in medical uses for making bones stronger and more resilient to breakage and helping bones heal without the body trying to reject the metal. If you see Titanium for sale, and you are considering buying some for whatever reason, you should know that some titanium products are not legal for purchase. Here is how to keep your purchase on the up and up:


Titanium Blocks

Titanium in block form, similar to gold ingots and gold bricks, is safe to purchase. This is titanium in its raw, workable form and is completely legal to buy and own. You could even stockpile it like your own personal titanium Fort Knox if you wanted to.

Titanium Bars

If you do not want to buy and store blocks of titanium because of the sheer bulk, you can buy titanium bars, too. These are much smaller and easier to store in a safe in your home. Their flatness makes them easy to stack in any direction, and they are perfectly legal to buy, sell, and trade.

Not Legal

Titanium Medical Pins and Rods

Titanium medical pins and rods are not legal to own or sell unless you are a medical supply company. Every one of these titanium medical products is stamped with a government-issued inventory number, which helps keep track of the pins and rods for consumption purposes. The pins and rods are traceable, which also makes them vital to tracking down murderers, abductors, and the like.

To own these pins and rods without a medical supply company license and then attempt to sell them for "scrap metal" puts you in a very suspicious light. Buying such products can also, in some states, make you an accessory to murder if the person who sold these to you is convicted of such a crime. (It would mean that he/she disposed of the victim in such a way that the pins and rods were pulled from the bones and could not be disposed of without selling them or melting them down.)

Borderline Illegal

Titanium Building Supplies

A private seller who is neither a supply store owner nor a building contractor should not be selling building supplies. He or she could have acquired these supplies illegally, by stealing them from a construction site, or from other ill-gotten means. You could take a risk and buy these titanium products, but if they are stolen, do not be surprised if the police come knocking on your door.

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